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Disney Raises Theme Park Ticket Prices - Price Chart and Summary of Changes

February 13th, 2017 1:50 PM by Brent Ferry

The headline reads "Disney Raises Theme Park Ticket Prices". It's an annual tradition you probably don't care to celebrate.

Indeed, Disney yesterday made several price and policy changes for their theme park admission tickets. But what exactly did they do?

Here's a summary:

Prices are up for most, but not all, tickets. Changes range from ($3) - $46.

That's right! A few tickets actually received a downward adjustment. 2-day tickets decreased from $202 to $199 while a 2-day ticket with Park Hopper option increased by $2 and a 2-day ticket with both Park Hopper and Water Park Fun and More options (more on this in a moment) is now $23 less.

Similarly, a 3-day ticket decreased from $290 to $289 while a 3-day ticket with Park Hopper option increased by $4 and a 3-day ticket with both Park Hopper and Water Park Fun and More options is now $21 less.

Single day tickets now range from $99, a $2 increase, to $124, the same as before, depending on park and season. As above, those opting for both Park Hopper and Water Park Fun and More options on a 1-day ticket will pay less.

But that's where the love ends. All other tickets increased in price - as much as $46 per ticket. And, as a new policy which is being spun as "save $20 when you purchase online", 3-day and longer tickets will now cost $20 more in person at the gate. (...No biggie there. You want those tickets in advance anyway so you can make your FastPass+ selections prior to arrival.)

Some other notable changes were initiated:

Tickets now carry an expiration date. Previously, an unused Disney ticket lasted forever. Now, you'll need to use any ticket you buy in 2017 for the first time on or before December 31, 2018. But don't worry. If for some reason you don't use it in time, the paid value can be used toward a new ticket at then current least for now.

Another change regards the Water Park Fun and More option. I told you I'd have more to say on this in a moment! Well, it has been eliminated. Hold on, hold on, that's sort of true and sort of false. You can still add water park and more visits to your theme park ticket, but it is now called Park Hopper Plus. What's that? Park Hopper Plus is being positioned as a +$15 upgrade to a Park Hopper ticket. In other words, Park Hopper Plus is the same as having both the Park Hopper and Water Park Fun and More options. The difference is not only the name, but also having both options together is now the only way to add water park and more visits. The Water Park Fun and More option is no longer available as a stand alone option to add directly to a Base ticket. Some things are unchanged. You still get the same number of visits you got before, and you can still use them independently from your theme park days. Also, 1-day Water Park tickets and a Water Parks Annual Pass are available.

Now some of you may be like "say what?". I apologize. Some of the info. above is for those familiar with the old ticketing. For everyone, here's a printable one-page chart with all ticket possibilities and pricing before and after tax. I hope it helps!

Looking to purchase multi-day tickets? Remember, 3+ days now costs more at the gate. Also, you can save on multi-day tickets by using an authorized reseller.

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Posted by Brent Ferry on February 13th, 2017 1:50 PM


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