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Solterra Resort Amenity Expansion

April 22nd, 2016 8:37 AM by Brent Ferry

Please see the following announcement and Q & A from Melrose Lifestyle Services

Information about the Solterra Resort Amenity Expansion

You may have heard the rumors of an amenities expansion of the Solterra amenity and the addition of a new bar and grill.

Beginning in June of 2016, we intend to break ground to begin an expansion of the amenity including a lazy river and to add a poolside restaurant and bar.

A list of anticipated questions has been compiled below, with answers to each.

For exact details on the amenity expansion, you may contact the CDD management office at (321) 263-0132, or email inquiries to

Some Questions, Answered

How long will construction last?
  • Construction is estimated to last into early 2017, that schedule may change depending on weather and other unforeseen circumstances. 
What will this expansion include?
  • The pool area expansion will include a 100,000 gallon lazy river, with associated deck areas. The clubhouse expansion will include a bar/grille that will provide food and beverage (including alcohol) items for residents and guests of Solterra Resort. 
Will any parts of the pool area be affected or closed during the construction period?
  • The poolside restrooms will be closed during the renovation as facilities are being added to this building. We do not expect the construction to close any of the other Solterra amenities for a long length of time. We will provide a few days advance notice if any of the other facilities will need to be closed. 
What should I tell my renters?
  • We do not expect the construction to close any of the other Solterra amenities. However, you should let them know that there will be construction happening and noise and dust will result from the construction. 
What kind of food will the restaurant serve?
  • The menu is being worked on at this time. We would expect a selection of salads, sandwiches, pizzas and snacks being available. Once it is finalized by the restaurant operator, we will be sharing it with everyone. Delivery to your home for takeout orders and catering is also being considered.
Will homeowners have a discount at the restaurant, or have other benefits?
  • That will be up to the restaurant operator if they choose to offer any discounts or specials.
Will pool guests still be able to bring food and drink to the pool area?
  • No. The restaurant will be the only provider of food and beverage and no outside items will be allowed. We need to support the restaurant to make it viable. In addition, Health Department Regulations will require that the food operator be the sole provider. Catering for special events/rental of the facilities from outside providers will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 
Will innertubes be provided by the resort for the lazy river?
  • Yes, they will be part of the lazy river once completed and are not to be removed from the premises.
What are the hours of the lazy river and restaurant?
  • The lazy river will be open the same times as the pool slide. The restaurant will open for lunch at 11am and will close typically at sundown. Some evenings will be available for dinner. A final schedule will be determined once the facility is open. 
What is the estimated cost of this expansion?
  • The total expansion is around $1 million dollars. For exact details, please contact the CDD management office at (321) 263-0132.
Will my CDD or HOA dues increase due to this expansion?
  • All parts of the expansion will be owned by the CDD. At this time, we do not foresee any special assessments to offset construction costs. We do anticipate operation and maintenance assessments to go up to pay for the additional operating expenses associated with the amenity expansion but we don’t believe the increase will exceed 10%. The adjustments to assessments will be finalized as construction completes. 
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Posted by Brent Ferry on April 22nd, 2016 8:37 AM


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