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Formosa Gardens Developer George Chen to Build Winery and Botanical Gardens

August 21st, 2015 8:28 AM by Brent Ferry

The name "Formosa Gardens" is well known in the Disney/Orlando/Kissimmee vacation home market. Now comes news of a new development - the Island Grove Wine Co. at Formosa Gardens.

Growth Spotter reports an 11 acre winery, botanical garden, and event space is to be built on the northeast corner of Funie Steed Road and Formosa Gardens Boulevard in Kissimmee by Formosa Gardens Developer George Chen in conjunction with Island Grove Wine Company.

Chen is no stranger to the area being involved in the former Splendid China attraction (which will soon be transformed into MargaritaVillage as announced last week and located across the street from the winery site), owner of the well known Formosa Gardens Village shopping center (which is the backdrop for Global's new Real Estate Headquarters at 7796 W. Hwy. 192), and involved with other residential and commercial projects in the area.

"The Kissimmee winery building's design will be inspired by the Francis Ford Coppola Winery in Geyserville, Calif., where Chen said executives from Island Grove Wine visited within the past year for design cues.

The two-story building will boast more than 12,900 indoor square feet. Guests enter through a central door on the first floor to a large retail display, and begin their tour to the left in a small theater, with an introductory film about the property and wine-making process.

After exiting the theater, guests will pass through a glass-enclosed hallway to view the wine-making room on left (and future beer micro-brewery), and a laboratory space on right. Island Grove will produce blueberry Port or blueberry ice wine on site, Chen said.

They'll proceed to a private tasting bar with 20-30 seats, after that revisit the central retail space, and be free to explore the first floor's right side, which will have a main wine tasting bar, and spaces serving fresh pastries, fresh juices, coffee and wine dispensing machines.

Beside the building to its north will be roughly two acres dedicated to planed vines of muscadine and cluster grapes, with a wine-tasting space with tables, fire pit and extensive trellis, Chen said.

The building's second floor will feature 3,000 square feet of event space that can be subdivided into three smaller rooms, which will be marketed for corporate meetings, wedding receptions and other gatherings.

The property's outdoor wedding venue, directly behind the winery building, will be landscaped in the shape of a giant heart, covering 7,250 square feet with 630 seats.

The outdoor botanical gardens will cover six acres of the property and be introduced in three phases. The first phase, to be ready before the May-June 2016 opening, will include all of the paved walking paths, a utility road around the property's side and rear, and a majority of the plants and fruit trees, which will require a two- to five-year time frame for their canopy to develop.

Featured fruits to be grown on the property, aside from two types of grapes, will include mangos, peaches, persimmons, a variety of berry bushes, longans and lychees, along with herb plants.

The second phase will include a large ceremonial event lawn that's surrounded by fruit-bearing trees and bushes that were planted in the first phase, along with a topiary garden.

The property's third phase will feature a hydroponics greenhouse, a farm-to-table culinary kitchen and serving area, and a vegetable garden."
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Posted by Brent Ferry on August 21st, 2015 8:28 AM


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